Scoriton Country Show & Sports 2020

An Event to Remember


Update and Coronavirus

A message from Scoriton Country Show Committee

Hello all our friends and loved ones out there somewhere!

The presence of Coronavirus in Devon means that life will certainly not have been normal over the bank holiday and this is yet another message, that signals a change in our usual pattern of life.

We very much want to have a great show again this year, and for you all to be able to brag about the size of your parsnips or how fast you ran the cross country! We met earlier than ever this year to get ahead with our usual list of classes, so that you could know better what to grow, what to make, as well as which muscles to stretch… 

Full planning for us, you will understand, is impossible right now. We are going to hold off making any final decision on whether to go ahead this year until the end of June. (After that date we would usually start to incur significant costs, which would be money wasted should we not be able to go ahead in August). By that time we might also have a better understanding from the government about what we can or cannot do.

Staying optimistic, we have agreed to publish the list of classes that involve sowing and growing. Please see this below. You will also find this year’s craft entries, so in a quiet time for many, you may feel like making something! (A very long scarf perhaps?) As for food and home-made produce classes, we will evaluate things at June end before we publish these. 

These pages will be revised on a regular basis with up-to-date information and you will be able to connect via our Facebook page too. We will also let you know about sports events and stalls as we know more. 

Please note: There will be no paper schedule (programme of events) printed and circulated this year. If you know anyone who is a regular exhibitor who is not online or on social media, then please send a message to: 

We will aim to get the information to them via carrier pigeon (or some other way)!

In the meantime… Stay well and stay safe and protect our fantastic NHS!

PS If anyone has any well-trained pigeons please get in touch…


For exhibitors of all ages – from parishes of Buckfastleigh West and Holne only

Rodney Perkins Cup (for most points in local classes)

Buckfastleigh Produce Association Cup (for best flower arrangement in local classes)

3 white potatoes

A funny vegetable

3 runner beans

5 french beans

2 peppers (this can include chilli peppers)

3 parsnips

3 beetroot

3 carrots

3 onions (grown either from seed or sets)

5 shallots

3 leeks (can be baby)

1 specimen squash or marrow (not an overgrown courgette!)

2 cucumbers

2 small courgettes (10 to 15cm long)

3 standard tomatoes (not cherry)

5 cherry tomatoes

A box of home grown vegetables (25 x 45cm max. size)

3 of any (same) vegetable not named above

3 cooking apples

3 dessert apples

3 pears

3 stone fruit

Dessert plate of soft fruit

Floral arrangement (60 x 60 max. table space – must be home grown) 

A Victorian posy of garden flowers

5 sweet peas

A bowl of mixed roses


For exhibitors of all ages – from parishes of Buckfastleigh West and Holne or outside

JS Elliot Cup (for most points in open vegetable classes)

Dave Wiliams Cup (for best exhibit in open vegetable classes)

Scoriton Flower Show Tankard (for most points in open flower classes)

Jim Woolacott Cup (for best specimen Gladiolus)

FS Brinicombe Medal (for most points in open cookery and craft classes)

Goodchild Family Cup (for best exhibit in open cookery and craft classes)

Jan Mason Memorial Cup (for the best craft exhibit)

Perryman Jug (for best exhibit in drinks classes)

Webb’s Cup – in honour of David Webber (for best dog photography)

3 red potatoes

5 runner beans

Longest runner bean

3 carrots 

3 beetroot

3 parsnips

Mayflower 2020 celebration hamper

5 shallots

3 onions (grown either from seed or sets)

2 members of the onion family (eg 1 garlic and 1 onion)

3 leeks (can be baby)

3 different culinary herbs – a bouquet garni

1 specimen pumpkin

2 cucumbers

2 small courgettes (10 to 15cm long)

3 standard tomatoes (not cherry)

5 cherry tomatoes

3 cooking apples

3 dessert apples

3 pears

3 stone fruit

Any other single fruit (not mentioned above) presented on a plate

A selection of 5 different dahlias

3 dahlias – same variety

1 specimen gladiolus

3 gladioli – same variety

5 annual sweet peas – same variety

Fresh flower arrangement entitled ‘The Mayflower Voyage’

(60x60cm max. table space – can use bought flowers)

Fresh flower arrangement on the theme of ‘Re-wilding’

(60x60cm max. table space – must be home grown)

57. 3 roses 

58. 1 specimen rose

59. 3 different flowers

60. A specimen single flower

61. 3 of any flower of the same variety

62. 5 of any flower from the veg patch

63. A single flower, with a poem written about it (original or found)

64. A succulent in a pot (not a cactus)

65. A cactus in a pot (not a succulent)

66. A buttonhole (foliage or flower or mixed)

84. 1 knitted or crocheted hat

85. Homemade toy

86. Piece of homemade jewellery

87. A home sewn item

88. Item in embroidery or cross stitch (kits may be used)

89. A wall hanging – any material

90. A picture, any medium (not a photo) entitled ‘Atlantic seascape’

(50 x 50cm max. size – unframed)

91. A colour photograph entitled ‘West Country harbour’

(A5 max. size – unframed)

92. A set of 3 colour photographs ‘Dartmoor stiles’

(A5 max. size – unframed)

93. A colour photograph entitled ‘Dogs enjoying water’

(A5 max. size – unframed)


For exhibitors of 15 years and under – from parishes of Buckfastleigh West and Holne or outside

94. Animal made from vegetables

95. A veg patch on a plate

96. A garden scene on a plate

97. An item made from re-cycled denim

98. A scarecrow dressed as a sailor (must stand up on its own!)


For young exhibitors as specified below – from parishes of Buckfastleigh West and Holne 

or outside)

M Gruitt Cup (for most points in children’s classes)

Dorothy Fox Cup (for best exhibit in children’s classes)

(8 to 12 years)

99. A black and white image of the Scoriton Show (in any medium on A4 paper) 

(may be used in future schedules)

100. A Bee house

101. An item made from recycled denim

102. A cake made with a vegetable (could be savoury or sweet)

(5 to 7 years)

103. A traffic light jelly in a jam jar

104. A ship or boat made from recycled materials

105. A pen holder made from recycled cardboard

106. A playdo or plasticine boat model

(Under 5 years) 

107. A crayon picture (on A4 paper)

108. An egg box animal 


Each year judges also award the following:

W Lowe Rose Bowl (for most points in all classes)

Perpetual Cup – presented by Mr and Mrs G Hill in memory of Mr W Bartlett

(for best exhibit in show)


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